Spirulina[ Blue-Green algae]

Spirulina this medicinal plant. Spirulina is an aquatic micro algae, which is blue green in color. This small yet one of the oldest living algae is a good source of many nutrients which are required by our body.

Spirulina contains not only the anti-oxidant phycocyanin but also a bundle of proteins, plus omega fatty acids. Once a mainstay food of the Aztecs.

Spirulin additionally works as an ibupro-fenlike nonsteroidal anti inflammatory

Stomach issues? Indigestion? Constipation? Eye/heart/ Kidney problem? Diabetes? Fatigue? Deficiencies? Spirulina is a one-step solution.

  • GLA[gamma-linolenic acid Find in mother’s milk. GLA is an Essential Fatty acid relief of joint pain & promoting health bone along with all the essential minerals in spirulina
  • Spirulina A Superfood for Fertility
  • helps Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
  • helps Hair & General Health
  • Phycocyanin[antioxidant for liver & kidney health very hard to find in foods]
  • Chlorophyll [ anti-toxin, anti-carcinogen]
  • Zeaxanthin [ antioxidant for the eyes & brain]
  • Beta carotene [ antioxidant for skin, eyes, immune system, safe source of vitamin A]

C-Phycocyanin [pigment from light harvesting phycobiliprotein family

  • Potent free radical scavenger,
  • Hepato-protective
  • Protection against Renal damage
  • Neuro-protective

Zeaxanthin protects           our eyes as we age

The leading cause of blindness in older adults is called macular degeneration [AMD]

Food richin Zeaxanthin help prevent AMD

Just 6 tablets provide the amount of zeaxanthin in a bowl of spinach, one of the riches vegetable sources.

Calcium : Antiviral

  • Anti-viral, water soluble, sulfated, polysaccharide
  • Inhibits penetration of virus into host cells
  • Anti-viral properties against herpes simplex 1 & HIV-1
  • Anti-retroviral activity that may be of potential clinical interest

Relief for the Common Cold:

  • Protective effect on sufferers of allergic rhinitis-reduced cytokine interleukin-4

Brain Health:

  • Reduced aged related brain degradation & reduced pro-inflammatory cytokines.
  • Neuroprotective-reduced ischemic brain damage & improved post-stroke locomotor activity

Daily Nutrient Requirements v/s Spirulina

S.I. NO.NUTRIENTSNutrients required by an average person per daySpirulina can provide the nutrients equivalent to:(per 100 g of its content)
1Proteins54 g65 g
2Fats44-76 g4.7g
3Vitamin B1(Thiamine)1.2 g3.5mg
4Carbohydrates310 g17.8 g
5Folic Acid4 mg0.1 mg
6Vitamin B3 (Niacin)20mg14.9 mg
7Beta-carotene (Vitamin A)9 g180 g
8Phosphorus700 mg961 mg
9Iron8 mg150 mg
10Sodium1430 mg641 mg
11Calcium1000-1200 mg1000 mg
12Energy2000 Kcal353 Kcal
13Fiber5.7 gm3.6 gm
14Manganese2.3 mg5 mg
15Vitamin C65-90 mg10.1 mg
16Amino Acid20-30 g8.3 g
17Zinc11 mg3.45 mg
18Vitamin K120 microgm1090 microgm
19Vitamin B21.3 mg4.5 mg
20Vitamin B122.4 micro gm320 microgram
21Vitamin B 6 (Pyridoxine)1.3 mg0.96 microgm

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